Manipulating positioner for 500kg

Manipulating positioner for 500kg

Product Data sheet (print)

This device is designed for handling with carts in vertical direction.

Technical description of device:

The basis of the positioner construction are sheet metal beams  and two linear drives located vertically below the top plate The drive is secured by an electric transmission with a brake, driving both linear drives simultaneously. The supporting struts are mounted on linear actuators and a top plate is attached to these struts. Further the positioner is provided with end switches that determine the correct position of the top plate.

Basic technical specification:
Name:             Manipulating positioner
Type:              MZ 08   
Type of work:   vertical manipulation with carts
Type of drive:   electric
Load capacity:   500 kg equally placed on positioner     
Lifting height:   400 mm

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ROMOTOP s.r.o. Suchdol nad Odrou20141ROMOTOP s.r.o. Suchdol nad Odrou - Manipulating positioner for 500kg -