Cutter and straightener of copper wires

Cutter and straightener of copper wires
Cutter and straightener of copper wires

Product Data sheet (print)

Cutter and straightener of copper wires is semi-automatic device designed for processing of copper wires reeled on coils. This device cuts wires to desired length and number and cleans the end of cutted wires. Brushing of cutted wire ends can be disabled during operation and device is used only for straightening and cutting of wires.

Technical description of device:
The whole device is controlled by its own control system. This control system allows to adjust all of the important parameters needed for production:  number and length of the cuted wires, length of brushed insulated end and other values. Unwinding device is without drive, transport of wires is done by rollers of driving module. The length of wire is measured using an incremental encoder. Cutting tool and tilting trough of output module and drive of brushes are pneumatically operated by compressed air.Wire straightening is accomplished by passing through seven straightening rollers, three driven straightening rollers are adjustable. The minimum length of the straightened wire is limited to 200 mm without of brushing of wire ends and 800 mm with  brushing of wire ends. The largest length is limited by software to 3000 mm and the length is given by length of the output module.

Basic technical specification:
Dimensions:         6350 x 1250 x 1480 mm
Compressed air:   0,6 Mpa
Input power:         1,3 kW
Power supply:       3x400V, PE+N,50Hz
Drive:                  Electric motor with gearbox RMI63

Basic equipment:
- Unwinding station
- Straightening and drive module
- Measuring module with pieces counter
- The cleaning module of wire ends
- Cutting module
- Storage
- Control box and control equipment
- Smoke extraction

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ABB s.r.o., Ostrava20051ABB s.r.o., Ostrava - Cutter and straightener of copper wires - Cutter and straightener of copper wires

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