Semi-automatic welding machine

Semi-automatic welding machine OP
Semi-automatic welding machine OP
Semi-automatic welding machine OP

Product Data sheet (print)

Semi-automatic welding machine OP-200/90-VS is a single technological machinery designed for welding three different types of shields of washing drums from stainless steel sheet with a thickness of 1.5 - 3 mm of diameter 600-700 mm.

Operating alternatives of machine:
- welding with two burners simultaneously
- the possibility of welding individual parts of the product together
- the possibility of making the product in one cycle without removing production equipment
- rapid adjustment of welding torches in three positions
- the possibility of changing the welding parameters during welding
- possibility of changing the rotation speed during the welding cycle
- possibility of quick change of clamping preparations for different types of shields
- the possibility of transferring to automatic welding cycle

Technical description of device:
- rotating unit is driven by an AC electric motor with a gearbox with continuous speed control of    2.5 mm / sec to 500 mm / sec. Speed control is done by the frequency converter and limit sensors.
- clamping unit of the shaft of the product with a pneumatic cylinder and a protective cover
- equipment for two industrial burners MAG with rapid change of positioning for the three types of circular welds
- control unit
- clamping preparation with centering of the product and pneumatic clamping of the product with exchangeable clamping jaws

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Primus CE s.r.o., Příbor20051Primus CE s.r.o., Příbor - Semi-automatic welding machine - Semi-automatic welding machine OP

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