Rotary positioner

Rotary positioner OP-250-500
Rotary positioner OP-1000/180
Rotary positioner

Product Data sheet (print)

The positioner is designed to position the rotating parts and to rotate them in two axes during the welding. The positioner facilitates and improves welding work. It allows continuous continuous welding of rotating welds, thus reducing the number of weld connections and consequently the occurrence of defects in welds.This device allows setting of position, angle and speed of welding rotation, thus reducing the worker's physical load.

Technical description of the device:
The folding of the table is controlled by the electric gearbox. The rotation speed is set by the control panel button, triggering and stopping by the foot pedal. Positioning of the positioner is carried out in the usual way for welding machines according to the CSN safety standards.

Basic technical parameters:
Maximum product diameter:   1200 mm
Diameter of clamping plate:    960 mm
Load capacity:                       1000 kg
Product imbalance:                 20%
Tilt range:                             0-180 degrees
Electrical voltage:                   3x400 V

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Hillex s.r.o., Plzeň20131Hillex s.r.o., Plzeň - Rotary positioner - Rotary positioner OP-250-500

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