Semiautomatic winder of stepped cores

Semi-automatic winder of stepped cores
Semi-automatic winder of stepped cores
Semi-automatic winder of stepped cores
Semi-automatic winder of stepped cores

Product Data sheet (print)

The device is used for winding stepped cores with a rectangular, square or circular shape and a maximum of three simultaneously used bandwidths

Technical description of device:
The line consists of three separate parts - unwinding device, roller feeder and winding station.
The unwinding device consists of a welded frame, a drive and a segmented adjustable center of unwinding. Each unwinding has its own drive, which is automatically switched by the control lever according to the consumption of the tape.
The roller feeder has three roller floors mounted above each other on a vertical traverse. Individual floors are powered by an asynchronous electric motor. Each floor is equipped with driven and pressure polyurethane rollers, sliding surface pressing plates, adjustable guide rails, and electromagnetic brakes. The pressure between the rollers and the pressure plates is induced by means of pneumatic cylinders.
The winding station consists of a frame for winding, spindle travel, spindle drive, guide rods, travel burner, roller thrust pulleys, lift drive, shearing tool and welding unit. The winding spindle is equipped with axial travel, a welding torch, a pressure roller and a shearing tool with guide rollers are mounted on vertical travel. The pressure roller has a radial travel along with the burner, and the burner also has its axial travel. The operation of the line is controlled by the program using the Simatic control system

Basic technical specification:
Drives:                     pneumatic and electric drives
Power consumption:  6 kVA
Power supply:           3 x 400 V+N+PE, 50 Hz
Pressure air:            0,6 MPa
Dimesions:              7000 x 3000 x 1950 mm

Basic equipment:
- Unwinding device
- Roller Feeder
- Winding stations
- Guide bar roller
- Control panel
- Box with electrical equipment
- Pneumatic system
- Fencing the line

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VP Technotron s.r.o. Frýdek-Místek20071VP Technotron s.r.o. Frýdek-Místek - Semiautomatic winder of stepped cores -

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