Step cooling conveyor

Step cooling conveyor

Product Data sheet (print)

At workstation for pressure casting of rotors on the step cooling conveyor are performed operations of cooling rotors and cleaning from cast overflows.

Basic technical description of device:
The conveyor is formed by a track on which rotor carts are routed with a hole for a vertically mounted rotor. Inside the oval there is a hydraulic vice for rotor attachment during cleaning and a tank with a hydraulic aggregate. In the part of the conveyor inlet, in the cooling part and in the part of the collection, the conveyor drive is solved by an electric gearbox and a chain.
Stepping of the conveyor in the cleaning section is performed by a pneumatic index with an accuracy of ± 5 mm due to the need for a different length of the step of the trolley that is important for robot access.
Between the place of insertion of the rotor by the manipulator and the cleaning robot, the conveyor is enclosed in the direction of movement in a cooling tunnel with intensive cooling using of fans with a forward air-to-water heat exchanger.

Basic technical specification of conveyor track:
External dimensions:                  4000 x 2500 mm
Internal dimensions:                  3200 x 1700 mm
Track height:                             700 mm
Conveyor speed:                       150 mm/sec
Cart dimensions:                       300 x 350 x 100 mm
Cart load capacity:                     150 kg
Number of carts:                        20-23 ks

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