Supply conveyor with reverse

Supply conveyor with reverse
Supply conveyor with reverse
Supply conveyor with reverse

Product Data sheet (print)

The conveyor is designed to create a supply of parts at any workplace.  Pallets are moved from the conveyor to the table by an electric motor with pushbutton control and reversing. The conveyor is equipped with a forklift bumper.

Technical description of device:
-  3 conveyors welded and screwed from steel profiles, connected in series  to a total length of 9.9 m.
-  rollers powered by 2.2 kW electric gears via roller chains 5/8 "x3 / 8".
-  end section 0.6 m, foldable by pneumatic propeller
-  the retractable stop in front of the folding part
-  security enclosure, cover and electrical accessories

The pallet movement is forward and backward. The bumpers consist of a welded stand and a spring stop. The conveyor and the bumpers are set in the correct position and anchored to the floor. Optical sensors and reflectors are protected against impact damage.   

Basic technical specification:
Length:                      10000 mm
Width:                        1030 mm
Roller height:              500 mm
Capacity:                    7 pallets (ca 1500 kg)
Conveyor drive:           electric motor
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Siemens Elektromotory s.r.o., Frenštát pod Radhoštěm20041Siemens Elektromotory s.r.o., Frenštát pod Radhoštěm - Supply conveyor with reverse - 10m Supply conveyor with reverse

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